Services We Offer

Our Advocates can help you...

We offer a broad range of services, including:

Explaining what benefits are available to you, which are means tested and how your personal circumstances will affect the benefits you are entitled to and should receive.

Letter and information translation: English-BSL/SSE/Hands-on

Letter modification (font sizing, layout etc) for the visually impaired

Benefits: We offer a comprehensive service package from start to finish.  With regards to benefits we can help you by:

  • Helping you fill in forms
  • Collect supporting evidence
  • Accompanying you to medical assessments. 
  • If outcome of assessment isn’t what was expected, few will support you through any  Mandatory Reconsideration (look at the award again),
  • Accompany you and advocate for you at appeal/tribunal

We ensure that all discrepancies are brought before the tribunals and, if required, we can help you to apply for permission to go to second tier tribunal.

Very soon Universal Credit will be rolled-out across the UK (starting in Bolton).  We can help you to understand what this will mean for you and your family.

We can assist you with accessing your rights under the Care Act. 

Debt Management and support.

Employment issues such as Access to Work and discrimination.

Complaints and consumer rights support. We can work with you and other organisarions on your behave. 

We can help you with accessing the legal system.  This ranges from finding a solicitor, organising power of attorney/appointee-ship to issues surrounding family law.  If you are not entitles to access Legal Aid, we can help you to complete any forms necessary and support your in court.

Other problems: Contact us, if we unable to help you we will definitely be able to sign post to someone who will be able to help.  We are always willing to accompany you to the first meeting if you need additional support .

Independent Generic Advocacy covers everything to do with day to day life and the challenges it can pose.  With the right kind of support we know that this can improve your  physical and mental health! Get in touch!